Our Company was founded in 1998 in Como, renown throughout the world for the finest textiles production. For centuries Como has been at the centre of the silk trade.

Today the city pride itself for its ancient tailoring skills.

We were one of the first online retailers to sell tailor made shirts in Italy.

Camicia uomo per ogni esigenza

In 2003 we opened our shop in Monza, keeping the former name of Camiceria Como ( currently based in Via Mosé Bianchi, 26).

In our shop in Monza, in addition to offering standard and bespoke shirts, thanks to the collaboration with a prestigious Italian company we manufacture bespoke suits.
The bespoke service is available at your home.

In 2013 we became partners of the Victorian Collection Company, a manufacturer of custom shirts. This partner allows us to provide tailor made garments in 8-10 days for Italian and international clients.

Our products are classy and refined due to the unique and precise details. We make every detail with love and passion, from the most hidden seams made for maximum comfort, the finest fabrics, to the mother of pearl buttons.

Our garments must adapt perfectly to the body and enhance your style.

Confezionamento abiti
Per conoscerci meglio...

"There aren't fixed rules,
there is only you and our tailor,
your imagination and his skills,
your desires and his invaluable advice.
Trust us to produce an exclusive garment
that only you will own in this world."