Classic Shirt

The classic men's shirt is an essential item in every male wardrobe; versatile enough for any occasion and suitable for any outfit. Pair with a classic suit or elegant trousers, but also with more casual garments such as jeans.

To personalise your classic shirt you can choose from a selection of fabrics, all of superb quality. These range from 100% cotton to stretch fabrics, well known for comfort and therefore ideal for the office.

uomo business con completo e camicia classiva
tessuto camicia celeste

Light blue cotton Giza Twill

tessuto camicia in popeline

White cotton Poplin

cotone giza celeste

Light blue cotton Giza

tessuto twill camicia

White cotton Twill

What distinguishes a classic cotton shirt is the weave, ranging from poplin to twill. If you're looking for a classic shirt for your business look, we recommend poplin, Oxford, piqué or fil-a-fil. But if you'll be wearing the shirt for a more sophisticated occasion or a ceremony, you can create your bespoke garment in poplin, plissé or dobby.

The white shirt

Colour is also important, and when we think of a classic shirt, we inevitably think of white. It's a timeless must-have garment that combines class, simplicity and versatility. Depending on the fabric, the cut and the collar, the classic white shirt is suitable for any occasion, from a ceremony to a night out with friends, an excursion or a day in the office. You'll never go wrong with a white shirt, because it suits everyone and goes with everything.

particolari camicia bianca
camicia bianca abbinata con giacca in velluto

For the office, for instance, a white shirt made in a light fabric is always a favourite, as it's supremely wearable and comfortable, allowing you to stay cool all day, even when worn under a jacket.

For your business look, you can also choose a solid colour light blue shirt, which breaks up the formality of men's suits. Since there are various shades of light blue, before buying your shirt, look for the colour that suits you best and goes with your complexion.

If you're unsure which shirt to choose, ask us to help: we can advise you on the type of fabric, the colour and the cut that are best for you, your body shape and the occasion.

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