How to take the measurement of a shirt

Taking the body measures in order to create a taylor-made shirt is easier than you think. In order to do so you only have to follow a few simple instructions that are given on our dedicated website. The only caveat is that you will need another person that assists you in measuring the circumference and length.

Alternatively you can obtain the right measurement details by providing the mesures of one of the shirts that you are already wearing, in particular if it is a well fitting shirt.

To being with, place the shirt spread out onto a table or another flat surface, take a soft metering rule and following the steps and pictures indicated below.

Misura del collo

Open and stretch out the collar of the shirt on a table and measure it from where the button is stitched to the center of the button hole.

Larghezza della spalla

Spread out the shirt and place it face down. Find the seam where the shoulder meets the back of the shirt, then measure from the top of this hem across the shirt to the hem on the opposite side.

Larghezza del torace

Measure the length from the left side to the right side, 2-3cm below the level of the armpit.

Larghezza girovita

Measure the length from the left side to the right side at the waistline, i.e. at the level of the penultimate button.

Larghezza del bacino

Measure the length from the left side to the right side at the bottom of the shirt.

Lunghezza della manica

Straighten out the shirt and measure from the shoulder seam to the edge of the cuff.

Larghezza della manica

Unfold the shirt and measure the bicep size starting approximately 4/5cm under the armpit sewing. Take the measurement keeping the tape measure perpendicular to the sleeve.

Larghezza polsini camicia

Stretch out the cuff: measure from the center of the button hole to the center of the button.

Lunghezza camicia su misura

Measure the back of the shirt from the center of the base of the collar to the bottom hem.