Hand-Made accessories

All accessories, which together with the a tailored made shirt create your own style, and are handcrafted from the finest materials.

Boxer: made to measure and of peg. They are produced with the same high quality cotton that we use for our shirts.
Ties: 100% silk or wool / cashmere. You can choose the width and the length of your tailor made tie.
Cufflinks: made ​​of steel, brass, mother of pearl, are customized with colors and initials.
Suspenders: Made in England (brand: Albert Thurston).
Monograms or initials: his option is embroidered on the left side of the front of your shirt, about 12-15 cm above the waist, in a contrasting color, or if the shirt is made ​​of precious silk or linen, in the same color of the shirt's fabric.

Bretelle artigianali all'inglese
Cravatta 100% in lana/cashmere
Tessuti pregiati selezionati dalla camiceria
Boxer uomo in cotone pregiato
Gemelli con iniziale personalizzata
Iniziali ricamate in vari formati e colori