Is it possible to meet special requests (particular models of shirt, neck, wrist)?

YES. Call us on +39.039.328361 or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to answer them.

Why make a tailor made shirt?

A man is judged also by the shirt he's wearing...

Is it possible to make a gift?

YES. Simply enter the recipient's address in the Shipping area.

What guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee with our experience and product quality.

For orders of multiple shirts it will begin to produce only one and we'll ship it to let you try. If it is not as you desired, we will amend it as required and only then we will proceed with the manufacturing of the other shirts.

Can I avoid to take my own measurements?

Yes, you can send us a shirt that you like. Once we have measured it we will resend back with your first new shirt.

Will you store my measurements?

YES. For all our customers we store the data and we build personalised paper models.

Could you send me fabric samples?

Yes, you will need to tell us the types of fabrics you like (patterns, colours, style, etc).

We can send you up to 20 different fabrics.

What are the delivery times?

10-15 days after receipt of your order.

How should I wash my shirts?

Max. 40 degrees.

Do you only sell shirts?

No. We are manufacturers of shirts but in our store you can also find tailored suits, cufflinks, ties, braces and related fashion accessories.

Do you only sell men's shirts?

No. We also manufacture women and children shirts (from 6 months).


Yes, this service is dedicated to companies or groups of people who would like the service of a tailor in the convenience of their offices, etc. We can run these events for you. We just need the availability of a suitable space.